Thursday, July 9, 2009

A man, a boy, and a house full of women

Such are the characters of the first two novels we are highlighting this week from our Summer Reading list. One novel that you may have missed, but we recommend is Tony Parsons' Man and Boy. This story is about the life of Harry Silver, a late-night TV talk show producer, married and father of one. He is approaching the age of thirty when his life takes a wrong turn, . Harry buys the red sports car, has a one night stand, and of course is discovered by his wife who leaves him with his four year old son. After losing his job, Harry finds himself in the role of an incompetent stay at home dad. He struggles with raising a child, finding a job, the loss of a relationship, and the complications of creating a new family unit. It is a good, funny, sometimes sad, and thought provoking read.
Another great summer read, is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. This is the journey of young Lily Owens from a world of pain and mystery into one of love and true friendship. Lily is a fourteen year old white girl whose run away from home. She's traveling through the South in the early 1960's looking for a place of refuge. Her father is abusive and an alcoholic who blames her for shooting her own mother as a child. Lily was young enough she remembers only her mother's love, death, and the loneliness that she's dwelt in ever since. Lily ends up in the home of Black Madonna honey which is made by three single black sisters. Their taking Lily in could cost them everything, but true compassion won't let them turn her away. As the sisters seek to find out the secrets behind Lily's presence and the past she hides, an amazing connection that none of them expected comes out. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is deep in characters, description, and heart.
Both of these books will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for more.