As the weather here in Ontario has suddenly turned cold and leaves are scattered everywhere, it feels like the fall season is here. Though we know it is upon us, it has always seemed to me that there comes a day in which fall arrives. There is smell in the air that can't be defined. The earth is damp and breathing heavy through the dying plants and decaying leaves. One's own breath becomes like the earth, weighted and yet refreshed. That's how I see the season. Typically, the days get darker, the weather turns colder, and people become like the earth, dormant, hibernating from the cold. We retreat inside to books, movies, warm drinks. Still the season is one of vibrant colors, smells and flavors. It should make you feel alive and energized. My challenge to you all this fall is to wake up, look about you, and don't let the chilled weather dampen your momentum in your classes or your personal life.
What can the Library do to help you in this endeavor? Well, this week, I want to feature comedy. Laughter has an innate power to excite and open us up to what is truly good and worth living for. The Library has several good comedic films that will lift your spirits. Some titles we recommend...
The Darjeeling Limited
The Family Stone
just married
it's Complicated
The Holiday
The Proposal
Throw Momma from the train
i heart huckabees
Meet the Parents


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