Evergreen System

Important Changes in the Library!

Effective December 29, 2010, the TVCC Library will be changing the computer software used to operate the library catalog and check out books and other library materials.

Library users will see some helpful changes with the new system. The Evergreen system is full of modern and convenient features, including tabs for juggling multiple screens of information, and spell-checking of search terms with suggested alternates, much like Google’s suggestions when you misspell a word. Evergreen features faceted browsing by subjects, authors, and series to find related books easily from the title you’re currently viewing. Patrons will also be able to see which books are checked out, renew books and place holds, and create “bookbags,” reading lists that can be shared with others.
To see all the new features, watch the tutorial video below.

What this means for you...

Some things will be different with the new software. The biggest change will be to the PIN numbers library patrons use to access their library account online. All PIN numbers will be reset on December 30th to the last four digits of your phone number. If you cannot access your account, please contact the library and we will reset your pin with a new temporary number. All students will then be able to create a PIN of their choosing.

Additionally, some library users have turned on the reading history on their online account to keep track of books they have read. Because a PIN number protects reading history it will not transfer to the new system. We apologize for this inconvenience. Click here to access your library account.
For more information on your account, watch the following video.

We think you will like this new system and find it easy to use. Please let us know if you have questions or problems.


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