Summer Reading

Okay, so finally we are past those cold days, but now the heat is here and coming in waves. I love those perfect summer days where the heat is just enough that you feel warmth on your skin, but the breeze wafts in and out cooling as it goes. Unfortunately, Eastern Oregon/Idaho summers tend to be much more than that idyllic feeling. In fact, they often have me running indoors for relief from the penetrating sunshine and the delight of air-conditioning. To satisfy you whether inside or out, the Library has a fantastic selection of books, movies, audiobooks, and magazines for your summer pleasure. For readers, summer is the best time because publisher typically send all their new releases out in the late spring and by summer, libraries are stocked up and constantly adding more new wonders to their shelves. TVCC is no exception. The list of new books we've added in the last week alone is long and will keep growing.
For each week of the summer, we will post a review of one of our new items or maybe one that we think may have been missed. Look forward to those, and stop by anytime to check out other new titles we have. Please feel free to comment or share your reading choices or add to ours. We love to hear from you!


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