Long overdue

Over the past couple of months, I've had lots to share and many things I wanted to post here, and yet here we are in March with a rather delinquent amount of blogging happening.  I'm not sure why, but Winter term seems to get away from me every year.  Maybe it is that with the start of the new year and all to be accomplished, the daily tasks are set aside.  The problem is, coming back to them.  Right?
Now that it is beginning to feel like spring outside, I am filled with a renewed sense of excitement and ambition.  Hopefully you all have that same sense as we near the end of the term, that last push towards the finish line.  To start off this month,  I wanted to tell you about some good discussions we've been having in the library.  This year in film has been an exciting one.  To us, it feels like there have been an unusual number of incredible films and television that we were excited to watch and share with you.  With the Academy Awards just finished, I am sure that you've heard a lot a buzz about several movies.  In case you did not know, the Library collects all Academy nominated films as well as those recognized in other major film festivals and awards such as the Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals.  We also collect honored films that have been made for television.  So, if there is a film you have been wanting to see that was nominated for an award, we have it or will have as soon as it is available.  Today, I thought I'd share some of our favorites with you. Many of you will have heard of and possible seen The Help, Hugo, The Artist (which is still in theatres), etc.  A few you may have missed which we highly recommend...
Beginners - Christopher Plummer won the Academy for his performance in this lovely film about a man (Ewan McGregor) entering into a new relationship after his father has died. The film ties the together the fears and hopes that surround love and the past that comes with that.  This was a smart, charming film that comes highly recommended.

 The Tree of Life - a beautiful, brilliant, astounding film that will challenge your every sense of what film-making is or should be.  Director Terrance Mallick creates an entirely new experience for viewers as he explores our thoughts, hearts, present, past, and the connectedness that makes us all part of the beauty that is humanity.  If you love movies not just for the thrill of them, for the entertainment value, but for the artistry and journey which they can take you one, then this is a film not to be missed!
Warrior - yes, I know, another film about boxing.  Despite my own skepticism about this film, I found myself very glad to have watched it.  This film is raw with an honest look at the complexities of father-son relationships and the lasting effects of hurt, anger, misunderstanding, as well as the strength of family.  Nick Nolte was nominated for his role as the father in this film.  We send it out to you all with high recommendations.
These are just a few recommendations for now.  Don't hesitate to stop by the Library and we'll share more with you.


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